Infographic Video

iMotionPlus is an Explainer Video Production Company focused on creating Videos that are engaging, entertaining and informative.

Why Make a Infographic Video?

They’re Engaging:

Most of us are visual learners. We retain visual information like infographics much more easily than audio or texts. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain by infographics video is visual.

They’re Attractive:

More than 45% of people report that they judge the credibility of a website by its design. With a great looking informative video infographics you’ll look authoritative,Increasing people’s trust making them far more likely to listen to your message.

Outshine Your Competition

Our Creative team focus on messaging, maximize engagement, educate, influence, and convert your prospects. We care for the detailing and the visual storytelling providing increased credibility, helping close more deals, faster. Are you ready for an incredible video? Let us tell your story that will outshine your competitions

Inventive Video Makers

We are Ann Arbor based animation team of highly skilled creative video makers. We make infographic videos that are informative and engaging. The video content we produce are for a diverse range of local or global business.

We promise to deliver inspiring, inventive infographic videos that meet your business goals.

What makes an infographic video an incredible one?

  •  Keep it under two minutes.
  •  Keep it short, clear and objective.
  •  A script with a conversational tone.
  • A Clear call-to-action button.

Create Infographics Videos That Stand Out In The Crowded Marketplace

Attract your buyers with increased credibility in each stage of buyer’s journey

Simple Online Approval

We’ll provide a simple online platform for you to review and comment on progress at every stage. We’ll revise at each stage according to your recommendations and send back for final approval.

Ready To Create An Infographics Video?

We make infographics videos that helps brands, agencies and businesses tell their stories. A completely transparent production process with outstanding quality at an affordable price.