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18 Oct 2021

It’s needless to say videos capture more attention than any textual or pictorial content.  A strong marketing campaign will always incorporate video into the mix.


Video marketing can serve for an array of purposes from developing customer relationships, to promoting brand, services or products.  Video marketing can also be a medium to educate prospects, promote live-stream events and deliver entertaining contents.


There are many types of videos that can serve your marketing purposes. Check out the list to understand the potentials that you can harness


  1. Brand Video:  This kind of video showcases company’s ethos, values, vision, mission, products or services.  These are typically distributed along all the marketing channels as part of larger advertising campaign.  The objective of this videos is to spread the brand awareness and attract your target audience.
  2. Demo Video:  This is to showcase your products or services, by taking viewers on a tour of your product or explain a real-life experience of your services.
  3. Event Videos:  If your organization hosting a conference or a round-table or any other kind of event, you can make a video highlighting interesting interviews or presentation from the gathering.
  4. Tutorial or How-To Videos:  Tutorial videos are made to educate the audience for something new or foundational knowledge they’ll need to understand your business.
  5. Explainer Videos:  This kind of videos is made targeting different buyer personas helping them to understand why they need your products or services.  These videos are often showcase a fictional character
  6. Animated or Infographic Videos:  These videos help your viewer to understand a seemingly complex idea with the simple and entertaining visuals.



The benefits of vidoe marketing are countless.


  1. Video helps in engaging your audience.  Today’s marketing efforts are designed to build trust.  Video bridges the psychological gap in your audience’s mind, between what your say and what really your are.
  2. Video is a gold mine for SEO.  It helps building backlinks to your site, boosts like and shares.  It can improve your search engine ranking, driving traffic to your site.
  3. Video boosts conversion rates.  A recent study found that 57 percent of online consumers were more likely to buy products after watching video demonstrating that product.
  4. Video is Effective.  The retention rates for audio visual information is as high as 80 percent.  Your customers can recall 10% of what they heard 3 days ago. The same information if both heard and seen 3 days ago can be recalled 70% of it.
  5. Video is Easily Accessible.  Online channels for video streaming are increasing across the various social media networks. With smartphone people are accessing videos anytime anywhere.



The challenges of video production also have reduced to a great degree in terms of cost and availability of equipment, tools and software.  From end-user’s perspective, the cost of data for online streaming of video have also come down.


The biggest challenges of today’s video marketing are strategic:  How to build an effective video marketing strategy, how to create content that people get attracted to, and how to create engaging video that get shared.  A video content marketer needs to have understanding of metrics and the indicators of success of a video and areas of improvement.