iMotionPlus is a US-based creative agency specialized in making visual and strategic brand entity. Our creative designers along with some technical experts producing videos that tells your brand story or campaign messages. We pride ourselves serving clients spread across the world. It’s the warmth that we share with our client keeps us innovating something new everyday for each of you.

Who Are We?

iMotionPlus is comprised of a diverse team of experienced professionals ready to work alongside you and your business. Between our team’s different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, we are able to collaborate our ideas to produce cutting-edge results. With our constant efforts to improve and innovate for over a decade, our team continues to evolve for the better.

Our CEO Max Nimer, has his master’s degree in Computer Information System and decades of experience, developing websites and creating mobile apps. Over time he has built a working environment that allows ideas to flourish and build a collaborative team.

Choose iMotionPlus to digitize your ideas and magnify your results.


We enjoy what we do! And the joy transforms every project into a dream product fulfilling expectations of our clients. Not just creative, we are passionate about working efficiently by managing each project smartly. Our operations are based on proprietary processes and systems that allows us to deploy resources to adjust heavier workload. Our internal efficiency brings down the cost of production, which in turn we pass on to our clients.



Our objective is to make our clients successful. We provide exceptional creative and technical solutions that yields measurable success. We create visual solutions with a purpose and plan to ensure our creative work is not just creative, it produces results.



With each project we strive to deliver the best of our creative excellence to ensure your success. We take utmost care and with due diligence we deliver your message to your audience. We are ever evolving, embracing every challenge that comes our way, transforming the journey of our clients.

With iMotionPlus Keep Your Dream Moving

Let’s be your strategic partner to realize your dream in incredible videos and graphic designs. We are here for you to build your brand, expand it’s reach, and make your audience ambassadors of your brands.